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We joined forces: Fabricshouse.com has grown to include Selbstgenaeht.de! 🤩🥳

Our company LÁTY FRAZ s.r.o. has grown to include Látkobrání. What exactly does that mean?

We believe in the power of cooperation, in years of proven know-how, and we want to grow. That's why we joined forces and the Látkobraní.cz website can now be found under the dumlatek.cz domain.

Materials and popular patterns from the Látkobraní company can be found on our e-shop dumlatek.cz in a separate category HERE.

If you are used to shopping through the latkobraní.cz website and you don't know how it works with us, at dumlatek.cz, we have all the answers to your possible questions ready for you:

We are happy to offer you EVEN MORE and to enrich and expand our offer.

Your Důmlátek.cz and Látkobraní.cz team

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