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Látky Mráz 30 years: 📢 3. COMPETITION for the overlock Leader ‼️

‼️ ALL YEAR BIG COMPETITION for 3 sewing machines ‼️

  1. COMPETITION for the Leader sewing machine is here! ❤️

◾️ Competition issue ❓❓

In which other city (besides Prague) can you still find our store?

Competition conditions:

✅ Buy in the period from 1.9. until 30.11. at one of our stores or e-shop min. for 80 € (you can use more than one receipt at a time)

✅ Answer the competition question correctly

✅ Send the correct answer and a copy of the receipts / invoices to soutez@latky.cz


You can compete from 1.9. až do 30.11. and you can participate in the draw more than once, only the total purchase must always be in min. 80 €. 😉

We wish you good luck! 🍀 Help here https://www.latky.cz/.

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