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Privacy Policy

The security of your personal data means a lot to us, which is why we want you to know why we collect your personal data, what we do with it, and whether we share it with anyone.

Shopping online at www.fabricshouse.com

Which of your personal data do we need when you order goods through our e-shop at www.fabricshouse.com?

We need your personal data only to the extent that this allows us to process your order, issue a VAT voucher, and deliver the goods (depending on your chosen mode of shipment). We will neither collect nor process any additional personal data. In practice, this means that we will ask you for your first and last name, your billing address, your delivery address, your e-mail address, and your phone number. We really don't need anything else beyond that.

How will we handle your personal data?

To the extent that we need your personal data for the processing of your order, it is automatically entered in the database of Látky Mráz s.r.o., i.e., the operator of the e-shop at www.fabricshouse.com. Only specifically authorized staff members will have access to your personal data; all of them have received proper instructions as to how to protect your personal data. In processing your order, we will observe all measures for personal data protection.

Do I have to sign up for ordering goods?

It is entirely up to you whether you want to sign up when ordering, or whether you want to make your purchase as a one-time visitor. Our e-shop allows for purchases without registration.

Is signing up associated with any benefits?

Registering as a customer of our e-shop is associated with a number of advantages: you can keep track of your purchases through an overview of all previous orders, cash in rewards within our customer loyalty program, view products you bought in the past, etc.

Will I be able to de-register?

If you no longer want to avail yourself of the benefits associated with being registered at our e-shop, simply drop us an e-mail at info@dumlatek.cz and let us know that you do not want to be registered, whereupon we will delete your account.

May I make purchases through the www.fabricshouse.com e-shop without revealing the requested personal data?

If you do not consent to providing the personal data we need for processing your order, you won't be able to order goods through www.fabricshouse.com. You will still be able to buy goods from our portfolio in one or another of our brick and mortar stores, where no personal data is required for making purchases.

Can I demand that you delete my personal data from the database of Látky Mráz s.r.o.?

If you no longer want us to keep any records of your personal data, simply contact us at info@dumlatek.cz to inform us that you demand the removal of your personal data from our database. We will then delete your personal data or (where deletion proves infeasible) anonymize it so that it will be no longer possible to connect your data to you as an individual.

Will we pass on your personal data to any third party?

Depending on your specific choice of delivery service during the order process, we need to pass on your contact details to the delivery company so they can deliver the goods to you as requested. The scope of personal information which we pass on to the delivery service is limited to the necessary minimum; they won't see any additional information (such as the contents of your order, etc.). If you don't agree with the disclosure of your personal data to delivery companies, you may want to make use of the Personal Pickup option at selected brick-and-mortar stores which double as collection points for our e-shop (and which are labeled as such). If you want to pay online for your order, we need to pass on information about your order to the payment gateway operator for card payments (GPWebPay) or to the payment gateway operator for instant bank transfers (ComGate). For us to find out whether you were satisfied with our service, we pass on your e-mail address, along with an overview of the ordered goods, to the Heuréka portal, from where you will receive a customer satisfaction questionnaire within about 11 days from placing your order. You may use this questionnaire to comment on your order and give us feedback, and suggestions for further improvement.

Distribution of newsletters

We want you to always be the first to know about upcoming new entries in our portfolio, special discounts, and other sales events and other events which might be of interest to you, which is why we use your e-mail address – subject to your express consent – to dispatch our info newsletter to you. For us to be able to do so, we need you to give consent, by filling in your e-mail address on the homepage of our e-shop at www.fabricshouse.com, under "Don't miss out on events and discounts – sign up for our newsletter". Alternatively, you may subscribe to our newsletter by ticking the relevant check box ("I agree that you may send me commercial messages - information and newsletters") during the ordering process, which is found on the Order Overview (Contents of your Basket) page.

May I revoke the consent I've given earlier, according to which you may send me commercial messages and newsletters?

There exist two different ways in which to unsubscribe from our newsletters. Each newsletter you receive from us contains an "Unsubscribe" link which you may use at any time to revoke your consent. Or you contact us at info@dumlatek.cz to let us know that you no longer wish to receive information about what is new at our company, and the special deals on offer.

Are you using cookies on your website? For what purposes?

Cookies are small files created by web servers and stored on your computer via your browser. We use them for statistical, technical, and marketing purposes. For one thing, they give us a better understanding of the way in which you use our site so that we can make continuous improvements. We only use anonymous information for this purpose. Using cookies for marketing purposes means that we want to know what products on our website are of particular interest to you, so that we can gear our advertising offers towards the products that you want to see and that are relevant to you. We turn to Seznam.cz or Google to make sure the offers of products in our e-shop are tailored to your particular interests.

Can I block cookies?

Your browser will allow you to delete the cookies stored on your computer – this option is usually found in your browser's history. Modern browsers also let you block cookies from being stored on your computer. This option is usually found under Settings. You should know, though, that the blocking of cookies may make itself felt in a major way, by hampering the smooth functioning of our website.

Our commitment to your privacy

Látky Mráz s.r.o., the operator of the e-shop at www.fabricshouse.com, will always process all your personal data in full compliance with Czech law and with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To the extent that third parties have access to your personal data, they have been obliged to observe all relevant privacy protection measures in a Data Processing Agreement. All employees of the company who have access to your personal data have been properly trained and are bound by the internal policies and guidelines of Látky Mráz s.r.o., so that your personal data is always safe and secure. Látky Mráz s.r.o. affirms that it will never disclose your personal data to any other entities, whether for commercial purposes or otherwise, nor sell your data to anyone.