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Celebrate 9 years of eshop with us!

What have we prepared for you?

            We celebrate from Sunday 19.5. until Monday, May 27, whole 9 wonderful days. Every day, we'll discount one of the selected categories for you by 19 %. And to make it a bit more exciting, the discount will only be valid for 24 hours from 9:00 to 9:00 the next day. We will not disclose in advance which categories they will be, so watch our eshop every day so that you do not miss any discounts on your favorite materials. :-)

But that is not all. From Sunday 19.5. we will have for you selected cotton jerseys with print for an amazing special price of 3,81 Eur / m. Are you excited?

But still it is not all :-). During 9 days of the celebration of our eshop, you can get a ** gift voucher ** in the amount of 39 Eur to buy goods at our eshop Because we celebrate 9 days, we will give a gift voucher every day to the order confirmed and accepted by our eshop as the ninth in the order.

Thank you for your nine-year favor and celebrate your with us