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Horse Toník

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Let yourself be inspired and knit a soft pet. was born as a relaxation, and it worked great :) but many celebrities have also been knitting in their spare time.

The tabernacle is woven from several pieces, knit on 4 socks, which are filled with a ball of nylon and stapled together. The yarn used is yarn from our Flora offer, which can be found here:

The body is a striped roll knotted by the gradual addition of the stitches at the beginning and the stitching of the stitches at the end. In the widest middle section, 20 stitches are cast on each needle. The legs begin with crocheted eyelets (for greater stability and strength) that are once again knitted on the four needles. Each needle will have 5 stitches. The neck is knit separately from the dropped ten stitches on each needle. The head is knit from the back (tail) by gradually adding up to 18 stitches to each needle, which we gradually knit to achieve the shape of the nose. At the end it ends as well as the tip of the sock.

On the filled head, sew your neck in the correct position (ideally put it on a glass of the same diameter to keep a regular circle), fill with a fleece and stitch it on the hull. Loosen the legs filled with the fleece to the body. According to your own imagination, embroider or stitch your eyes, nostrils, muzzle, sew the tail and the mane.

Horse Toník is in the world!