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Fabric toys 🧸

Posted by PS on

Cute inspiration...

Would you like to sew something for children, but don't have the courage to embark on large or clothing projects? So what to try sewn fabric toys? Such toys are ideal for beginners and their possibilities are truly endless! You can combine different types of fabrics and play with the choice of patterns and colors. The crazier, the better ... it's for the kids. 😉 Plus! Such small projects can be made up of remnants of fabric, just hide the clippings and pull them out once in a while. Imagination starts at full speed and new life begins to emerge from the remnants of matter. ❤️

These toys are made of our fabrics and cotton poplin is used in the largest representation. One-color decorative fabrics and felt for small details. And buttons are used as small ornaments. So what? Will you try it too? Show off your toy on our [Facebook] (, we will be very happy! 😍